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Free iPhone 5

Free iPhone 5

The newest Apple piece of technology - iPhone 5 - has been launched and now available in the stores all around the world. No doubt - Apple Inc did it again by releasing fascinating gadget. iPhone 5 now has a bigger screen, faster CPU, upgraded antenna and is now faster, lighter and thinner. Previous iPhone owners cried because of the low space, so, now iPhone 5 comes with 32GB and 64GB storage for music, photos, videos and other information. The gadget become so popular that the demand is simply incredible. It become a MUST HAVE device for every student or business man. For this exact reason you have been seeing dozens of Free iPhone 5 offers all over the internet. Smart marketers and business knows that people love free stuff, especially free electronic gadgets like iPhone 5 or free iPad 2.

Free iPhone 5 giveaway types

There are various of giveaways and almost all of them are closely related to the brand name marketing, selling or expanding client base. Free stuff are given for a reason - capture the attention of potential prospects. Now, let's talk about how companies do that and they allow to handle out Free iPhone 5 .

1. If you are using social media (twitter, facebook), we are unaware that you have already seen new or sometimes even giant well known companies running contests offering free, on demand electronics. Usually these competitions are named - Tweet to win, retweet to win or if it's on Facebook - Like to win. The way it works is very simple. People need to tweet or retweet the message which includes call to action, brand name, and a website URL or simply like Facebook page. Now, let's see what happens. Imagine you are offering a Free iPhone 5 and one million Twitter users tweet the message with your website address. You get a huge traffic of visitor, now if these users are targered and interested in your products and even if 1% of million buy something from you, you earn a huuuuge sum of money right here. So, for the companies spending 500+ dollars on the iPhone 5 is nothing more than small investment.

2. Blog/websites offer Free iPhone 5 for publishing a comment or simply following on Twitter is another great example how to take an advantage of the popularity of the device. By giving away free stuff for following on Twitter, blog/website owner is building a list of friends, which in the end eventually will become buyer. That is the only mission of the blog site owner.

Ok, so the above examples seems pretty easy. Push the button and you have a chance to win a free gift. But wait, this is the biggest problem with that kind of giveaways. If the contest become a widely popular - you have almost zero chance to win it. You have only 1 chance of 1.000.000. So, we suggest - don't waste your time on these kind of contests, except maybe if you are the company that run the competition.

Now, you think - why are you telling me this, i thought this article is about Free iPhone 5? Well, yes it's and below we are actually going to reveal one method that 100% works , are legit and genuine and there is no competition at all. The one thing that separates above examples from the one that we are going to tell you is - no one talks about it loud even super hardcore freebie hunters, because no one wants to let you know and keep it in secret.

What is that secret Free iPhone 5 method all about ?

If you use internet more than 5 years, you may have heard about sites (GET PAID TO) that pay money for completing surveys, reading emails, clicking on the banner and visiting advertiser sites. Yes these kind of sites exist and become very popular, because it's very easy to make money. The model of Free iPhone 5 is almost identical, instead of cash, you can now get a Free iPhone 5 and usually all you need to do is complete a few surveys and several risk free trial offers. Don't worry you can choose the offer you want to complete and they are from well known companies such as NetFlix.

Here is step by step detailed instructions on how to get your iPhone 5 for free:

1. visit and find the most recent uptodate free gadget banner and click on it.

2. Enter your VALID email to get started.

3. You may be asked to provide your shipping address, where they need to send your Free iPhone 5.

4. Complete a survey and several offers of your choise.

5. Enjoy your brand new free iPhone 5 before anyone else !

That's it. Oh, one more thing, it's very important for you to be from the USA and 18 years old or older. If you are younger - just ask your parrents to help you out. Good luck!

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